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Relieve Your Pain Through Restorative Cell Therapy

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Restorative Cell Therapy With Santa Barbara Clinic

Until recently, treatment options for people with chronic joint pain were limited to steroid injections and surgery that offer only short-term or often-harmful outcomes.

Now, safe and effective treatments for knee, shoulders, hips, elbows, back, and neck are available without harmful side effects or pain.

Restorative Cell Therapy works with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms, the therapy actually promotes the natural process of repair in the body, assisting in restoring degenerated tissue.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

We offer one of the newest and most cutting-edge therapies for chronic shoulder and neck pain.

Back Pain

This therapy has significant potential for those in pain, and could actually repair structural problems while treating pain and inflammation simultaneously.

Wrist, Hand, and Elbow Pain

Amniotic restorative therapy is one of the most innovative therapies for chronic joint pain.

Hip Pain

When running and walking become painful, restorative therapy can be the option for relief.

Knee Pain

This therapy has the potential to actually alter the course of the condition and not simply mask the pain.

Foot and Ankle Pain

This therapy stimulates the body to repair the foot ligaments. It does so by inducing a mild inflammatory reaction in the weakened ligaments and cartilage.
How much downtime should I expect after restorative therapy?

Typically, there is no little to no downtime from restorative therapy.

Is there anything else I can do to increase the effectiveness of my therapy?
Yes! Our treatment plans are comprehensive. Not only will we provide you with the most cutting-edge treatment options, but we will also assist you through rehabilitation. Following the custom program created for your specific needs will thoroughly increase the effectiveness.
What determines the outcome of my restorative therapy?

Various factors will determine the outcome of your Restorative Therapy treatment, such as the extent of damage, disease and the location being treated. Most people respond well to this therapy option and experience relief from pain in just a short period of time. For instance, this therapy has been known to provide full relief to patients after only one treatment.

Is more than one treatment needed?

Not every person is the same. Obviously, that possibility exists and that’s why we take our patients through our advanced assessment so we can carefully determine if you are one of those special cases. It is important to understand that once a joint regenerates, there would be no need for further treatment unless a new injury occurred or over-time, that joint degenerated again. Many patients are experiencing major relief from our restorative therapy after one treatment!

Is restorative therapy safe?

Absolutely! Restorative Therapy is an extremely safe treatment option. We are committed to the highest standards of patient safety and adheres to stringent FDA regulations.

How are cells collected?

Our Restorative Treatment is a revolutionary breakthrough treatment option for people suffering from inflammation, reduced mobility, sports injuries, tissue and ligament damage, or chronic pain. Restorative Therapy is an injectable regenerative tissue matrix solution, that oftentimes leaves the patient feeling relief after only ONE treatment. This cutting-edge treatment takes the best components of all the current non-invasive treatment options and puts them into one. This Restorative Treatment is collected from mother’s who have donated their placental tissue after delivering a child by c-section birth.

How long does the repair process take?
Generally, the repair process begins immediately and the good news is that it can continue to repair for up to eight additional months from the date of the initial procedure.
How often does the procedure work?

Restorative Therapy has amazing results on a wide range of conditions. Most people generally feel significant, if not complete relief from this non-surgical procedure. In a recent study from an amniotic manufacturer, they found that in a group of over 60 participants the average pain scale went from an 8 to a 0 in just 5 weeks for all the participants!

Can the procedure fail?

Like any other procedure, there is no 100% guarantee. In certain cases, it is possible that you may need additional treatments or your cells do not have enough repair potential relative to the severity of your disease.

If the restorative therapy does not work, can I still have surgery?
Yes. There is nothing about these procedures that would preclude you from having traditional surgery. We evaluate each case carefully, however, so if it’s possible to tell that the best course of action is truly conventional surgery we will advise you on that.