Degenerative Eye conditions are prevalent and a major source of disability in the United States.  Eye conditions that fall into this category include Age Related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Diabetic Retinopathy.  Genetics, systemic health conditions, medications, lifestyle, diet all have an impact on eye health. We can boil it down to three main factors that drive degeneration in the eyes:

1) inflammation

2) oxidative stress

3) Poor Circulation.

Inflammation is a significant driver of degenerative eye conditions.

Inflammation can be either acute like trauma or can be chronic like smoking, poor sleep patterns, inadequate exercise, excess stress and excess intake of inflammatory foods. Infections, pollution, toxins and pharmaceuticals are also sources of inflammation. These processes encourage the body to produce pro-inflammatory cytokines TNFalpha, IL6 and IL1B which promote our body’s immune system to attack our bodies including structures of the eye.  Supplements like Fish oil with emphasis on DHA, which specifically targets inflammation from the neck up, are very important to combat inflammation. Vitamin D3 and cutting down on sources of inflammation can also go a long way to combating inflammation. 

Oxidative Stress On Eyes

This is a major player in the development of degenerative eye conditions.  Peroxidation of nucleic acids, proteins, lips and carbohydrates leads to these building blocks being damaged. Light exposure, ultraviolet rays, pollutants and infections all promote oxidation in body. One of the key oxidants is called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).  Oxidative stress leads to tissue breakdown in the eye especially due to the high metabolic needs of the eye. Oxidative stress also promotes inflammation. Antioxidants then play a very important role in treating degenerative eye conditions. This starts by keeping the body well hydrated.  Antioxidants includes lutein, zeaxanthin, mesozeaxanthin, beta carotene, retinyl palmatate, pine bark extract, L-taurine and bilberry.  

Poor Circulation And Degenerative Eye Conditions  

When blood flow is compromised anywhere in body, the affected tissue is starved of oxygen and nourishment. Also waste products accumulate in these structures.  Poor circulation in the eyes that need a regular supply of nourishment and oxygen can lead to tissue breakdown and functional shutdown. Most significant way we address this is with acupuncture. Micro Acupuncture uses points distal from source of injury, on hands and feet to prompt midbrain to resume blood flow back to the eye. 

Treating Degenerative Eye Conditions

When inflammation, oxidative stress and compromised circulation are addressed, degenerative eye conditions can often respond very favorably and in short order.  We assess these factors by taking a detailed history. We also complete medical pulse diagnosis which gives us information on the nature of your condition and which of these factors is most at play. Treatment includes a holistic and comprehensive approach combining supplements and herbs along with acupuncture to provide the best outcome. Working with our patients we can restore vision and improve our patients wellbeing.

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